Monday, December 03, 2007

Fix a Sony Trinitron TV for 75 cents

Even one week after the TV is fixed, I still cannot believe that I did it: fixed my TV for 75 cents. Of course, I have to do it myself.

My TV experienced a sudden death this summer. It was working perfectly. Then one day, it is just dead. Does not respond to anything, and there are no lights blinking.

After 6 months, and feeling the urge to watch some TV programs over the holiday season, I decided to try to replace the fuse and see if it works. So, I opened the back-cover, and found a fuse right behind the point where the power cord enters the box. I found the fuse is indeed blown. According to the markings on the fuse, it is 6.3A, 250V, slow-blow type. I went to RadioShack, where the sales person found a replacement within 30 seconds. Yes! Just like that, he squinted at the fuse I brought in, and walk right to a drawer to extract a package. It's a package of 4 fuses costing $2.99. I went home and put one new fuse (75¢) into the fuse holder, and you know the rest of the story.

Residual charges in the TV can cause serious injury to you.
Static charge on your body can also cause serious injury to your TV.
A blown fuse can be caused by fault in the TV's circuit. In which case, installing a new fuse can cause additional damages.
If the new fuse blows shortly after installation. Stop! And find a professional to look at your TV (if you think it is worth the effort and $$$$).
This article does not in anyway suggest you should open the back-cover of a TV by yourself.

More for those who are interested:
The fuse listed on RadioShack's website:

The original fuse is a "BUSS GCD", "T6.3AL250V", 5×20 mm, slow-blow, glass fuse (see the picture below).
Sony Fuse T6.3AL250V BUSS GCD

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